June 28, 2024

Interns guiding a group of children at The Gem Museum 2023

Interning at The Gem Museum: A Transformative Experience 

Gems, jewellery, and building connections are very much the focus of The Gem Museum. This is inline with our vision “To be an international platform to bridge the gap between the gems & jewellery industry with the rest of the world.” As such, the museum is really an environment which is not just educational but inspiring as well. Interns play an important role in helping us to reach across the generations to fulfil our goals.  

We love having interns because of a variety of reasons:  

  1. We love meeting people, young and old, who are interested in the gemstone industry. Allowing our interns access to more information and the ability to interact with specimens helps to increase their love and fascination for this industry. While here, they have hands-on learning opportunities and are able to grow in their skill sets as well as people.  

  1. Interns bring new ideas and points of views that result in tweaks in how we exhibit and explain things in the museum as well as share in social media platforms. This reminds us to stay current and adaptable as we conduct our business.  

  1. The questions they ask as they learn, allow us to refresh our own knowledge as well as explore areas that we may be lacking in. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn creates a dynamic learning environment which benefits everyone at The Gem Museum.  

Interns at work during a Christmas Event 2023

Our mission is to create a cohesive platform for learning. Interns help us in achieving this by participating in our activities, from curating exhibits to organizing workshops and seminars, they are exposed many aspects of the industry.  

In line with this, they also work with us to “bridge the gap between the gems and jewellery industry and the rest of the world.” Our interns come from various backgrounds, helping us to build a community that is more inclusive which fosters the greater understanding and appreciation of gems and jewellery.  

Interns having a break after bringing a few groups of visitors on a guided tour

By welcoming interns into The Gem Museum, we continue to grow as an institution while contributing to the development of future leaders in the gems and jewellery industry. Together, we create a vibrant, educational platform that bridges the gap between our industry and the wider world. 

We welcome students group visits to The Gem Museum. Schools, after-school care centres, homeschools are all welcome! Bring your students to The Gem Museum. Who knows how gems can spark their potential? Contact us at info@fegj.com.sg or WhatsApp us at +65 8742 0548 for students group booking.

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