Follow the trails of an enriching learning journey from the museum to the fine jewellery showroom.

Rock Cycle: Formation of Rocks

Unravel the journey of the formation of rocks through the Rock Cycle, beginning from molten magma to becoming different types of rocks under different circumstances. Gemstones are formed in rocks and grows in seven types of crystal systems and each system exhibits different habits, also known as shape. Be enlightened to see how amazing nature works.

Mining: Gemstone Extraction

Explore how human mine through modern and traditional techniques to uncover magnificent gem specimens in roughs or its raw form. Roughs are recovered from all over the world can be seen at the Gem Museum.

Lapidary: Gem and Diamond Cutting

Familiarize with the different cutting styles of gemstones and how it would affect the gemstones brightness and color.

Market: Trade and Industry

Uncover the final journey of a gemstones when it enters the market to be purchase. Different colors, shapes and sizes that tingles your fashion sense.

Showroom: Bespoke Jewellery

Let your imagination run wild while strolling through the glamour and versatility of a well-polished gem to become a fine jewelry. Complete the experience by creating your own piece of jewellery for yourself or loved ones.


Guide yourself to the birthstones of yourself, family and friends. Displayed here are the birthstones of all twelve months showing different shapes and colors.

Phenomenal Stones

Admire the rarity and beauty of the optical spectacles emitted by what is known as Phenomenal Gemstones. Only a selected few gemstones are phenomenal, ranging from mystical Cat’s Eye, the vibrant Play-of-Color, to the legendary Color Change.

Gemology Equipment

Experience being a gemologist and discover the world of gems through the lenses. Our trained gemologist will guide you through on a few of the professional gemology equipment.

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