May 20, 2022
The Gem Museum

After being around since 2015, we have welcomed many people from all over the world to The Gem Museum. One day, someone asked us, how does visiting The Gem Museum benefit me? After some brainstorming, we have come up with 7 reasons to visit The Gem Museum!

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  1. Get to see over 1000 gemstones and minerals from all around the world. They’re from as near as Indonesia to as far away as Zambia, Brazil, Morocco and more.
  2. Have the chance to see gemstones in their raw form. Before they’re cut and polished till they sparkle and shine.
  3. Learn about where minerals and gemstones are found and how they are mined. 
  4. Discover how gemstones are cut and polished before being set into pieces of jewelry. 
  5. Find out about the history, culture and stories behind some of our gorgeous specimens. 
  6. Be immersed in an environment infused with gemstones and minerals galore!
  7. Finding a community of like-minded people who enjoy minerals and gemstones

All personally curated by a family of certified gemologists with over 45 years of experience.

Now you have 7 reasons to visit The Gem Museum!

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