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Agent Gems and Ah Gong (3 part Series)

Agent Gems (Angel and Ariel) visits Ah Gong at his office to learn more about the mine to market journey of gemstones!

In this 3-part series...

Agent Gems explored together with Ah Gong and Daddy about their trips to Indonesia in search of diamonds; Ah Gong also shared with them about Gemstones of the World (and how he nearly got robbed!); And Daddy tried to explain about the value of gemstones and jewellery to Agent Gems...

At the end of the videos, we hope that you will start to have a conversation with your parents about their gems! 

Part 1: Geology and Mining

Where can we find diamonds?

What is mining?

How does a diamond look like under the microscope?

Find out in this video!

Part 2: Gemstones of the World

Which countries produce gemstones?

What happened to Ah Gong and Ah Ma?

What is in that silver briefcase?

Find out in this video!

Part 3: Gem value & Jewellery Appraisal

How much is a 2.5 ton jade carving?

Is there value in fake gems?

What is the value of a 9kg ruby?

Find out in this video!

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