シンガポール初 最も総合的なプライベート宝石学ミュージアム

Follow our museum route of how gemstones are being transformed from the mine to market in 4 different stages (from formation, to mining and extraction, to gem and diamond cutting (lapidary), lastly to the trade and industry). It’s an enriching learning journey from the museum to the exquisite The King’s Bespoke showroom.

The Gem Museum is founded by the husband-and-wife team, Mr Tay Kunming and Ms Loke Huiying. The museum first opened its doors on 1 June 2015, to bring the knowledge of gemology to the public.

Kunming’s father, Mr Tay Thye Sun, is an honorary recipient of the Fellowship of the Gemological Association of Great Britain and the first certified gemologist in Singapore. Being the founder of Far East Gem Institute, most of the gems and minerals on display belong to Mr Tay’s private collection.