Star gemstones
The Twinkle of
Star Gems
The Twinkle of Star Gems Stars, the twinkly dots above our night sky, create amazing sceneries […]
lapis lazuli
Ornamental Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, and Turquoise Ornamental gems have seen it used for millennia through […]
Pearl Necklace
Pearls: Natural or Cultured The creation of pearls truly is a wonder of nature. Unlike most […]
spinel in marble
Spinel in Marble: The Little Red Dot Throughout the history of gemstones, red stones dominated the […]
Facts About Peridot: The August Birthstone When it comes to green gemstones, the first stone that […]
The Colourful World of Opal Opal is an easy-to-recognise gemstone that has enchanted anyone that comes […]
Phenomena of the Feldspar Group Consumers like us often appreciate the rare gems and minerals, as […]
The Rich History of Emerald Without a doubt, emeralds are among the most treasured and recognisable […]
The Most Desired Cat’s Eye Gemstone, Chrysoberyl Many would ask this question: What is chrysoberyl? In […]
Padparadscha, The King of Sapphires Rich in history and worn by royalties, Sapphires are one of […]