Inclusions contain important information about the gemstone and the natural history of our earth! Of course, most people that are familiar with diamonds would say, the more inclusions the diamond has the lower the quality. In grading gemstones, we are more forgiving in terms of clarity grading (here a brief article to explain it, https://www.gemsociety.org/article/colored-stone-grading-system/).

In this video, we would find out more about emeralds from Colombia! Those so called “flaws” that some people refer to are actually precious inclusions that tell so much about the gemstone! In the 4th stage of the mine to market story, a gemologist would examine the gemstone, test the physical properties and try to give the gemstone an identity (what gem it is), whether it has been treated and if possible where exactly or generally the gemstone is from (origin determination, one important mine for colombian emeralds is the Muzo mine http://www.muzo.co/en/millennial-legacy/muzo).

From an identification perspective, inclusions give you alot of information, from a valuation perspective it can add tremendous value if it does not affect the physical beauty of the gemstone, especially if the gemstone is from a renowned mine like Muzo for Colombian emeralds.

The moment you look at gemstones through a microscope, you will suddenly realise that there is a world of its own in the gemstone. Sometimes, these internal characteristics look to me like a snap shot of time, a snap shot of how the gemstone formed, a work of art and wonder.

You can watch this video to see some inclusions that are characteristic to Colombian Emeralds.

Featured in this video is the book called Photo Atlas by Dr E J Gubelin and Dr J I Koivula (you can get it at https://rubin-and-son.com/products_list.php?category_id=713). It contains photographs and explanation of many different inclusions in gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, fluorite, the list goes on.

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