earth's mantle
Only two gemstones form in the Earth’s mantle Yellow Diamond from South Africa, a country known […]
rock cycle
The Rock Cycle All rocks are made up of minerals. The rock cycle explains the process. […]
Gemstone in Earth’s Crust         →    Alexandrite LEFT: Alexandrite cut and polished. | […]
Assessing Value of Gems Natural Gems and minerals (and jewellery of course!) are beautiful, intriguing and […]
Understanding Gemstones Part II Recap… Let’s recap the first three categories of gemstones in Part I: […]
The Definition of “Gemmology”. gemmology dʒɛˈmɒlədʒi/ noun noun: gemology the study of precious stones. Our Mission… […]
“No valleys, no mountaintops.” – B.C. Forbes On 1 June 2017, we celebrated The Gem Museum’s […]
crystal, mineral, rock
A brief understanding of Crystals, Minerals & Rocks What are crystals? Crystals are solid material in […]
By Tay Kunming With a myriad of courses available out there in the marketplace, selecting a […]
An Exhibition of a Galaxy of Glowing Gems As part of the 2016 Singapore Night Festival […]