As you all know, we tell the story of mine to market at the Gem Museum, as part of this storyline my wife Loke Huiying and I would be exhibiting rare and beautiful gemstones at booth L10 at SIJE 2022 from 14th – 17th July.

The Gem Museum is a unique place in Singapore where we tell the mine to market story of a gem. Featuring our main exhibition area on level 1 together with our gift shop to Far East Gem Lab and Institute on level 2 to the bespoke jewellery at The King’s Bespoke on level 3.

As we were taking time to prepare the collection, we are sorry that this piece of news came out a little late.

Visit our museum in the morning before taking an MRT from Rochor MRT to Bayfront MRT (4 stops) and visit the SIJE 2022 at Sands convention center and expo halls A & B on level 1.

Here you would experience being part of the mine to market story, in the “Market” segment. Where you would see pearls from Australia – Indonesia, middle east jewellery, rare gemstones like taffeite hibbonite, alexandrite, diaspore, etc, accessories and other fine jewellery!

Drop by our booth L10 to view our 10 rare gemstones!

  1. Colombian Emerald Vivid Green No Oil certified by American Gemological Laboratories
  2. Brazil Paraiba Tourmaline No clarity enhancement certified by American Gemological Laboratories
  3. Russian Alexandrite certified by American Gemological Laboratories
  4. Myanmar Royal Blue (vivid blue) No Heat Sapphires certified by AGL and GRS
  5. Myanmar Pigeon Blood (vivid red) No Heat Rubies certified by AGL and GRS
  6. Diaspore from Afghanistan
  7. Alexandrite from India / Africa / Sri Lanka
  8. Argyle Pink Diamonds
  9. Bi Colour No Heat Sapphire
  10. Taffeite and many more




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