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“The Gem Museum is the place to be able to view a one-of-a-kind collection. It has a huge collection of gemstones and is a great place for young jewellery designers as well as the public who might have interest in gemstones. There are instruments such as the microscope that allowed us to view the internal and natural inclusions. During the presentation, I was able to gain new insights and a deeper understanding about gemstones. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.”

Sandra Fie

Senior Lecturer

3D Design Department, Jewellery Design

Raffles Design Institute


“The Gem Museum is one of its kind in South East Asia. It has very interesting collection of very rare gems. I find it very educational not only for the university students but also for children of all ages. I strongly recommend schools to take your students to this wonderful place to learn more about the science behind crystals and gemstones!”

Prof JJ Vittal

Secretary & Treasurer

Asian Crystallographic Association


The Gem Museum is a small but sparkling flower in the museum area of downtown Singapore. When other museums are exhibiting a wide range of art pieces, antiques and history scrolls, The Gem Museum focuses only on gemstones. With a comprehensive collection of raw and faceted stones,you can enjoy the most splendid treasure of the earth we are living on. I will always recommend my friends who are gemstone collectors or just have interest in the topic to pay a visit.

Cathy Que


YDY CG Private Limited