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2018, October Channelnewsasia Lifestyle “Why Gemstones are so popular now?”

Tay Kunming, Director of the Far East Gem Group, put it succinctly: “Most gemstones are relatively not as expensive as diamonds, and gemstones do not have a standard price guide like the Rapaport guide for diamonds. So, men can hide the price of their gift”.

2018, Singapore Night Festival 2018: The Lost world of Terranova

2017, Singapore Night Festival: A Galaxy of Moons and Stars

2017, The Gem Museum 2nd Anniversary

2017, Fake It So Real 

The Gem Museum is proud to be featured on Channel 8’s variety programme ‘Fake It So Real’ in January & February 2017.

Both episodes are available at the following links:


2017, Sherlock at Work 

The Gem Museum is proud to be featured on Channel U’s variety programme ‘Sherlock At Work’ in January 2017.

The episode is available here –
(scroll to 38:00)


2016, WOW Jewellery Magazine – “The Gemstone Educators” feature


2016, Lady Boss

LadyBossTV: Learning About Gems at Far East Gems Museum

2015, WOW Jewellery Magazine 

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