Gem Programs

Our 3 Main Programs

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Gem Discovery Masterclass

Date: 27 April, Friday

Time: 7.30pm – 9pm

Venue: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen St #02-02, S188550

Fee: Free


gem discovery masterclass

Learn about the 3 major problems with most people when purchasing gemstones and diamonds. What is the value of gems through understanding the diamond and gemstone pipelines, as well as the jewellery production pipeline. You will get to learn about the precious gems of the world, what are they and why they are so valuable. We will also cover the 4Cs of the quality of gemstones, to give you an understanding of how a gemstone is graded for its quality through the 4Cs.

At the Gem Museum, we also have a showroom for the higher-end gems. Participants will get to see the range of higher end gemstones and understand the value and price of the gems through looking at the variety of quality that nature can present. These gems may include 15ct ceylon sapphire, 24ct colombia emerald.

If you are interested about gemstones and would like to listen to us to know more about the industry, join us for this workshop where you will have hands-on appreciation of the 4Cs of gemstones!

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Gem Rendezvous

Date: 7 March, Wednesday

Time: 7.30pm – 9pm

Venue: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen Street #02-02, S188550

Fees: FREE

gem diamond

One of our highlight events is the Gem Rendezvous session that happens bi-monthly. Gem Rendezvous serves to bring together like-minded gem lovers (minerals included!) to come and share about their passion and experiences. We have a main speaker for every rendezvous session to speak for about 20 minutes, followed by question & answers. The rest of the session shall be a time of networking.

In this coming session, our main speaker will be Mr. Tay Thye Sun, the director of Far East Gem Lab and Far East Gem Institute. He will be sharing his experience during the last field trip to Namibia, Africa in October. It is also very exciting to know that he will be showcasing some interesting and unique gem minerals from the mines in Namibia! 

We believe that since great minds think alike, amazing experiences must be shared. We want to create a platform where passion is ignited, meaningful relationships are built, and valuable knowledge is acquired.

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Gemstone Identification Workshop

Date: 24 March, Saturday

Time: 10am – 12.30pm

Venue: The Gem Museum, 222 Queen St #02-02, S188550

Fee: $37/pax

gem equipment

Following the e-book written by Ms. Loke Hui Ying, Founder of The Gem Museum, she will be giving a hands-on session on the various equipment used by gemologists worldwide to identify gemstones. This step-by-step process is a great starting point for avid learners who may have never tested gemstones before and are interested to understand the process of gem testing.

This workshop not only allows you to have a chance to use gemological tools, it also allows you to have a deeper appreciation of gemstones through the science behind it. If you are wondering if you would like to dive into the serious science of gemology, this workshop is for you to explore!

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