Learn More about Gems!

Did you know that gemstones include materials such as amber and pearls (even though technically they are not ‘stones’)?

How about getting to know more like-minded people? Or just to learn art using gemstones as a medium?

At the The Gem Museum, we provide different learning workshops, talks and seminars. Our main programs include:

  • Gem Discovery Masterclass

This masterclass session gives you a quick idea of three very important concepts of the gems and diamond pipeline: Value, Quality, Authenticity.

learn diamond


  • Gem Rendezvous

This is a networking event that aims to bring like-minded people together to share passion and knowledge.

gem museum

  • Gem Workshops

There are various workshops that is being conducted periodically. Some workshops include “10 Steps to Gem Identification” and “Gem Art”.


Each of these programs talks about the “Mine to Market” pipeline, from different perspectives. Click on the respective programs above to learn more about the programs and schedule for signing up.

The Gem Museum envisions to be the international platform that bridges the gap between the gems and jewellery industry and the rest of the world.